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Equipment division

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The “Earth’s crust” of our planet is composed by rocks which can be classified on the basis of their mineralogical characteristics. These rocks, if subjected to an accurate processing, become the aggregates of the future industry.

The Equipment Division represents the complete set of machinery for aggregates processing, offering a complete range of solutions for the entire industrial processing cycle.


Crushing, screening
& washing, feeding,
trasnsport & storing,
sand treatments

Complete systems for Baioni crushing

Machinery for the
clarification of the water used
in the washing of aggregates

Complete Baioni automation systems

Machinery for the
automatic management of
processes, automated control
of each plant

Dust suppression systems in quarrying, mining and construction sites.

Baioni dust suppression systems
We are artisans in our job. Machines are the representation of our competence, technique, precision and ambition.


Installations for the Baioni mine


Plants for the Baioni quarry


Installations for Baioni infrastructure construction sites


Plants for Biaoni cement plants

Cement factories

Plants for Baioni building sites

Road works

Baioni recycling plants

C&D recycling

Land treatment plants construction sites urban areas

Urban construction sites

Baioni tunneling plants