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In the last few years Baioni, in the light of new operational scenarios for the supply of tecnologies, products, services and know how in the Environment sector, offers technical solutions through innovative techniques of soil washing, thermal desorption and stabilization/solidification of solid waste. Experience in the field where Baioni has been able to confront themselves with leading companies for projects of remediation of soils contaminated with hydrocarbons and heavy metals and of stabilization-solidification of hazardous waste.

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Mining industry

Textile and dyeing industry

Ceramic industry

Metallurgical industry

Chemical and pharmaceutical industry

Soils and foundations

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A Baioni stabilization/solidification treatment is used to treat dangerous and non-dangerous waste of any kind (liquids, sludge, mud, slime, solids, etc.), separately or mixed. The aim of the treatment is to modify (both “physically” and “chemically”) the substances included in the waste; in particular, the processes that are implemented in this kind of treatment reduce both the pollutants mobility and the contact between the waste and the percolation water, by means of a double chemical and structural fixing process within an inert matrix.

The treatment process is fully automatic, managed by a total control system of the plant; management and monitoring is carried out through electrical control panels with touch screen.

Feeding & Pre-screening environment
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1st stage
feeding and pre-screening
Screening & sizing Baioni environment
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2nd stage
screening & sizing
Baioni reagents dosing system
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3rd stage
Reagent dosing system
Mixer Baioni
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4th stage
Transport & storing Baioni green
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final stage
Transpor & storing
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