Vision Baioni

Vision, mission, value proposition


The construction site of the future

Tunnels are inaugurated, new bridges are stretching between river banks, the soil is
breathing again. We are there to allow men to make things possible.
Our work is invisible, it is in the material being processed and transformed.
On the big construction sites of our cities we work with the order of the world and the chaos, we work with the infinitely large part of the rock and the tiniest grain of sand.
We love to give value to the raw material,
turning waste into resources,
to purify waters, to clean sludges                                                                          acting on the land, with respect.

Because “nothing is created, nor destroyed. Everything is transformed in our hands”.

Vision Baioni future

We are seduced by perfection.
And each of its movements.

Crushing Plants Division
We design advanced technologies, but that’s not enough for us. Every day we think about how to improve them.

Because we are Italian and we always try to put a little of Leonardo’s talent in our machines.

Eyes on every detail. Head on maximum efficiency.
Our engineers in search of perfect dynamism.
Environment Division
Earth has changed. Once living meant building, today it means taking care of the Earth we live in, listening to it and repairing the damage we did.

It is our Land. We have always spoiled it. Now we must care for it.
Value proposition
The market is there for all.
Our customers come first.
Under the pressure of globalization where machinery are thought to be standard we have decided to make them one different from the other.

Our equipment is not a customized product. It is thought to be mechanical designs tailored to our customers from the very beginning. Because it is not enough for us that they work well, that are reliable, or that have the cutting edge-technology: we take that for granted. We want them to be unique designs that can become a new communication tool.

We are Italian. And we love design that takes care of every detail as in a work of craftsmanship, from the choice of colour to the artwork of our clients.

Those who know us will come to us, to look for something they cannot source somewhere else:
Perfection and Beauty.
Sense and Sensibility.
Perfezione e bellezza

Our machines are creatures.
They are unique

Final truck imagine