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Waste treatment plants from incineration

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Baioni designs and manufactures turnkey plants from treatment and disposal of incineration residues, with the aim of recovering the metals contained therein and separating the ashes into different grain sizes.

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Industrial waste

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European and international standards are increasingly stringent in terms of waste management and collection. Once ashes and residues from incinerators were
directly sent to the landfill, now, as it is no longer allowed, it becomes necessary to maximize recovery. Residues, if processed properly within a metal recycling plant, can guarantee output
products like copper, brass, aluminum, iron and stainless steel.

Feeding & Pre-screening environment
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1st stage
Pre-screening Baioni
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2nd stage
Crushing Baioni
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3rd stage
Second crushing Baioni
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4th stage
second crushing
Transport & storing Baioni green
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final stage
Recovery of metals-useful material
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Screening & sizing

Washing & classifying

Water clarification

Sludge management