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Nowadays being able to count on an efficient and reliable transport service is a need shared by all our customers.

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Waste reciclying C&D

Agro-food industry

Perfect combination

Furthermore, the organization and arrangement of the goods is fundamental. This must be organized and arranged adequately to be stored or to be ready for international shipments:

Alimentación y pre-cribado Baioni blanco y negro
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1st stage
feeding & pre-screening
Trituración Baioni black and white
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2nd stage
Screening & sizing Baioni black and white
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3rd stage
screening & sizing
Lavado y recuperación Baioni Baioni blanco y negro
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4th stage
washing & classifying
Transport & storing Baioni
Logo Baioni blu
final stage
transport & storing
Our products
Conveyor belt Baioni Equipment
Baioni delivers a comprehensive range of conveyor belts, the NT series belts are used for concrete plants, crushing and mining installations, tunneling projects and for the food industry.
Silos Baioni
Storage silos of the BaiSilo series are used for the storage of fine materials to contain the humidity of the same and are made by using modular panels bolted together.