Feeding for crushing plants

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Baioni Crushing Plants designs and manufactures a comprehensive range of feeders. To transport material to one stage to another in within a processing plant, it is important to control the rate at which it flows from a feed hopper to various equipment in the plant, hence Baioni feeders are able to operate at variable speeds depending on the application requirements. Baioni offers a wide range choice of feeders designed based on a material size, weight and desired throughput. Feeders deliver material to a conveyor belt or to a crusher at a rate that matches the capacity of that machine. Baioni feeders can be inside an big number of combinations to deliver solutions capable of loading, unloading and storing materials.

 • apron feeders

 • reciprocating feeders

 • vibrating feeders

 • vibrating grizzly feedeers

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Waste reciclying C&D

Agro-food industry

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Each type of feeder has specific characteristics for a wide choice of applications:

Feeding & Pre-screening Baioni
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1st stage
feeding & pre-screening
Trituración Baioni black and white
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2nd stage
Screening & sizing Baioni black and white
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3rd stage
screening & sizing
Lavado y recuperación Baioni Baioni blanco y negro
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4th stage
washing & classifying
Transporte y almacenaje Baioni blanco y negro
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final stage
transport & storing
Our products
Vibrating grizzly feeders AVC Baioni
AVC series grizzly feeders are vibrating feeders suitable to feed any primary crusher, especially when large size materials are mixed with a high percentage of fines: particularly suited for dry materials or with very little percentage of humidity.
Vibrating feeders AVS Baioni
The vibrating feeders of the AVS series perform a combined feeding and selection operation. The machine is particularly suitable for dry materials or in any case with very low percentage of humidity.
Vibrating feeders AV Baioni
The vibrating feeders for aggregates of the AV series are used for secondary feeds of alluvial or pre-crushed gravel material. They have a continuous feed with a constant flow rate so the machine works at full capacity.
Apron feeders AP Baioni
The AP series plate feeders are sturdy and reliable machines, specially designed for feeding large primary crushers with large rock material.
Reciprocating feeders ACP Baioni
Reciprocating feeders, mod. ACP, are used for primary feeding of gravelly alluvial or mountain quarry material even if large size are involved. These sturdy constructed machines are intended for heavy duty use.
Vibrating feeders AW Baioni
The AW series vibratory constrained feeders are used for secondary and, in some cases, primary feeds of alluvial or pre-crushed gravel material.