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Baioni designs and manufactures road sweeping waste recycling technology. Our road sweeper waste recycling facilities are perfectly designed to help boost recycling rates and ensure 100% recovery of all road sweeping waste. Proven equipment which uses separation, scrubbing, washing techniques to process street sweeping and gully waste and remove contamination. 

Who are our customers ?

These systems are addressed to all companies wishing to increase the percentage of waste disposal. With many local authorities battling to keep recycling rates, our road sweeper waste recycling facilities are designed to help provide a timely solution. Cities, local authorities, and inter-municipal structures. Customers who could benefit by using the facility includes private contractors who operate road sweepers or collect road sweeping waste.

Baioni wet processing equipment can recycle road sweepings and gully waste to divert it from landfill and produce new recycled aggregates that can produce new income.

All aggregates recovered are recycled and qualify for “end of waste” status.

Ideal for

Street sweeping waste

Industrial sweeping waste

Gully waste

Our equipment and facility

The grit, soil, twigs and other detritus swept from streets by cleansing teams normally ends up in landfill sites, but our dedicated facilities can divert these materials to productive uses:

• Urban and extra-urban street sweeping waste.
• Residues from industrial surface sweeping.
• Agglomerates for the drainage of road drains.
• Various types of cleaning and sweeping waste.


  • Gravel and sand as second raw material.
  • Organic waste compostable or disposable.
  • Ferrous metals sent for recovery.
  • Coarse mixed wastes to be sent for disposal.
  • Mechanically dewatered silt and clays recoverable.
  • Clarified water treated and recirculated in the system.
Sweeping waste collection
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1st stage
Sweeping waste collection
Washing & classifying Baioni
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2nd stage
Screening & sizing Baioni
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3rd stage
sizing & screening
processing of polluting materials
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4th stage
Processing of polluting materials
Transport & storing Baioni green
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stadio finale
Recovery of useful materials
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Screening & sizing

Washing & classifying

Water clarification

Sludge management