Moss and earth


Since we think about the future of the planet,
we are commited to this since the present.

At Baioni, we believe that companies must make a difference,
This is why we are struggling for the planet and we are working
responsibly to comply with environmental laws.

environment Baioni

Our integrated environmental policy

Both internal company personnel and external suppliers are stimulated through awareness-raising activities that go in this direction.
For this reason, the company has adopted an integrated policy system for environmental quality and safety at work.

Being kinder to the planet is a must.
This is Baioni's commitment.

“From the earth everything derives”

A breath of freshness

In Baioni, in order to reducing emissions as much as possible, we invest in technologies that reduce energy expenditure. We know that the future lies in the re-employement of resources. Baioni is a zero impact company in relation to its production and it is committed to further investing for a responsible future.

Energia prodotta indicatore

Energy produced

Energia risparmiata

Energy saved

Anidride carbonica contatore

of CO2 released
into the air

Baioni for a smart
and responsible use of energy.

We translate our ambitions for a more conscious use of energy into three main areas.
Reduce our energy consumption and our supply chain, through the promotion of renewable energy anda
decarbonisation and through the technology of our products.
Baioni was the first company to develop and produce fully electric track-mounted plants,
in the processing phases.

Technological solutions
to help the planet

Our commitment in Baioni for the future is also in the construction of plants for the remediation and treatment of contaminated land. We have developed an entire company division that deals with developing technologies capable of treating the polluted land of ports and abandoned industrial areas. Through our technologies we give back oxygen to the earth.

Presa elettrica
Uncontaminated environment

Sustainability, Strategy
and development values

Circular transition

Our goal is to reach the completion of the transition period towards a circular economy as soon as possible. The global economy is based on a linear growth and development model that requires the consumption of large quantities of raw materials and energy. The increase in the global population, the increase in production, the increase in pollution in all its forms make it necessary to rethink the “production – distribution – consumption and waste” model. The circular economy approach exemplified by the 5R “reduce, reuse, recycle, recover and regenerate” provides for a recovery of the use of resources, reducing the use of the virgin one. In Baioni we are working towards this direction.

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