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Water clarification from inert washing plants

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Baioni designs and manufactures equipment and plants for the clarification of process water or wastewater treatment, through a range of tanks, thickeners adaptable to each individual application.
The purpose of these plants is to clarify the slurry water coming from aggregates washing plants and recycle the same clarified water on the same plant as well as thicken the sludge to ease the disposal or storage.
In the past aggregate producers have traditionally chosen an on-ground tank with steel side walls, industrial water treatment reinforced concrete tanks.

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Waste reciclying C&D

Agro-food industry

Perfect combination

Nowadays operators have favored elevated steel tanks as to reduce investment costs.
Thickeners can be used as stand-alone solutions or used along with other auxiliary equipment, such as hydrocyclones, dewatering screens, polypreparators, centrifuge decanters or filter presses.
Baioni can help customers in choosing the best outcome for each application. The complete Baioni water treatment system is managed by an automatic system that makes it possible to adapt the program according to each installation, in order to optimize the flocculant dosage and sludge pumping.

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1st stage
feeding & pre-screening
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2nd stage
Screening & sizing Baioni black and white
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3rd stage
screening & sizing
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4th stage
washing & classifying
Water clarification Baioni
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final stage
water clarification
Our products
Wastewater clarification plants BAIWASH Baioni
Baioni BCH clarifiers (thickeners) are designed to adapt to the inevitable qualitative and quantitative variations of the material to be processed; they are sized according to the flow of the slurry and to the concentration of solids.
The depuration plant with vertical flow static clarifiers for the recycling of wastewater coming from aggregates processing plants, marbles, granites and ceramics is particularly used in the case of limited water flows or in the case of construction sites where space is an issue.