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25 August 2021

Inerting of waste

It deals with the treatment and recovery of marine-river sediments through a multifunctional platform. This process involves:

Waste inertization consists in the incorporation of pollutants in an inert matrix, through a chemical and / or physical process. The goal is to reduce the polluting potential and the dangerousness of waste, thus making it suitable for subsequent phases: landfill disposal for non-hazardous waste, or recovery.

STABILIZATION or solidification with inorganic reagents (eg: cement, lime, clay)

SOLIDIFICATION with organic reagents (eg: thermoplastic materials, and polymers)




  • Accumulation / storage of the material to be treated (hoppers or accumulation tanks depending on the consistency of the waste).
  • Weighing and collection systems for the material to be treated.
  • Transport system of the material to the treatment “reactor” (belts, extraction screws, volumetric pumps, etc.).
  • Any stages of refinement of the material (crushing, screening, iron removal, etc.).
  • Stabilization / solidification reactor, normally a mixer that makes contact between the material and the chemical reagents responsible for the chemical-physical transformations.
  • Reagent dosing system
  • Conveyor system for unloading the treated material (belts, extraction screws).
  • Storage and maturation of the treated material.
  • Possible section of suction and aeriform treatment.
Impianto di inertizzazione rifiuti Stabilizzazione e solidificazione Baioni

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