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25 August 2021

Soil washing: washing systems for contaminated soils

The Baioni Environment Division designs, projects and manufactures soil washing systems for the remediation of soils contaminated by various types of contaminants: heavy metals, hydrocarbons and pesticides.

Soil washing plants are built for the treatment of contaminated soils in order to recover the precious part, which is identified as an alternative resource to reduce the need for new quarries and landfills.
Since each plant is made to measure based on the characterization of the land to be reclaimed and with the intention of providing customers with the best technical and economic solution, Baioni Crushing Plants designs soil washing plants on data provided by laboratory tests that our companies partners carry out on important soil samples.
These projects require an intense and integrated approach, combining civil engineering, hydrogeology and environmental technology.
The process consists of:
  • Excavation of the soil and storage of contaminated soil
  • Initial screening with dosing hopper
  • Preliminary screening and possible crushing
  • First washing of the material with a drum slurry machine or a vane and screen slurry machine
  • Cycloning of the material with fine recovery group
  • Friction of the material by means of friction cells
  • Further sand washing cycle with second hydrocyclone
  • Further washing of the gravels by means of a receiver
  • Mechanical dehydration by horizontal centrifuge or filter press. Lime, clays, colloidal substances, oils and fats present in the sludge of the sedimentation tanks are sent to the mechanical dehydration of the sludge.

Baioni has a highly competent staff who, following an initial collection of data on the environmental problem, is able to detect the best plant combination.

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