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  • Realibility
  • Robustness
  • Perfect for alluvial material

The VLR series rotary washing screens are robust machines that are also used in the subsequent washing phase to clean up contaminants in the case of environmental treatments.

The water enters through a special pipe placed in the center of the machine, then, with the impurities removed from the material, overflows to the drain, the material, having abandoned most of the impurities, is taken from special perforated sheet metal cups and is placed, drained, in the second chamber or selection cylinder, where it comes into contact with clean water and where the various selections take place by means of perforated sheets that cover this whole part of the machine, the whole cylinder is placed on a metal carpentry frame and two pairs of wheels on the balance wheel guarantee the balance.

These machines consist of a sheet metal chamber, also known as the de-muding cylinder, equipped with buckets and / or vanes.


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