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The Baioni BCH circular settling clarifiers are designed to adapt to the inevitable qualitative and quantitative variations of the feed slurry and are sized according to the flow rate in the slurry and the concentration of the solids.

The purpose of the BaiWash plants is to clarify the turbid waters coming from washing plants and to recycle the same clarified water on the plant itself, as well as to thicken the sludge to facilitate their storage.

The dynamic decanters, unlike the static ones, have been designed for large water flows, which is why they take on a circular shape. In addition to the principle of gravity introduction of flocculants during the process that unites them to the static ones, the dynamic settlers are also characterized by a fast thickening of the mud on the bottom of the tank. The process is characterized by clean water, on top of the decanter, which is taken and conveyed into a tank, while the contaminated and dirty sludge thickens and is subsequently expelled by means of pumps.


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