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The GD series wobbler feeders are machines designed and built to feed both crushing groups in case it is necessary to process large materials, but also to process fine particles with a high percentage of humidity as in the case of sediment and soil washing treatments. These are able to “clean” the material by removing the part of the fines that could clog the next machine.

The rollers are made with a trilobate section which during rotation guarantees a forward wavy movement to the material being fed; the leftover material is thus screened and ‘cleaned’. The transmission is driven by an electric motor, a reduction gear unit and a series of chains with oil bath lubrication.

GD wobbler feeder consists of a frame, onto which some roller-holder shafts are fixed with grease lubricated bearings; Grooved rollers are mounted opposite one another to create openings forming a kind of grid for the passage of waste material. The special shape of the rollers on the surface of the machine causes a wave motion allowing the material to clean the rollers. Thanks to the wave motion, the material is submitted to a pre-screening.


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