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  • Robustness
  • Reliability
  • Combined plant between crushing and screening

The BaicombiTrack MIL combined portable crushing and screening plant can process any type of rock. It is suitable to an extensive range of applications, operating with maximum safety and reliability and producing an excellent quality yield.

Extremely flexible and versatile, it offers multiple possibilities to companies in the Public Works sector, owners of quarries and mines, as well as recycling and mineral processing businesses. It is built around the MIL hammermill, with a maximum output of 260 t/h. It is equipped with automatic, hydraulically-powered control of the impact plates and hydraulic lifting of the pistons and hopper. Fully electrically-powered, it can be used in very hot environments without overheating or hydraulic fluid leaks.

A hydraulically-powered model is also available. It can be set-up to produce an infinite combination of fractions dictated by the client’s needs (ex. 3 standard fractions + 1 recycling fraction; 3 on the same conveyor belt + 1 on a recycling conveyor belt, etc.).

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