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Baioni delivers a comprehensive range of conveyor belts, the NT series belts are used for concrete plants, crushing and mining installations, tunneling projects and for the food industry.

The new conveyor belts designed and manufactured by Baioni are part of a the range:
• inclined conveyors: used to transfer the material to different stages in the plant. Available in various versions and equipped with different accessories.
• bucket elevators: mainly used in sand production plants or washing plants.
• extraction conveyors: standard conveyor belts suitable for the extraction of the material before being conveyed to the crushing, screening or mixing stages.
• horizontal conveyors: usually complete with side guide plates, they are used to convey aggregates horizontally.

Baioni conveyor belts are made of steel structures, protected from corrosion as entirely hot-dip galvanized with zinc deposition on the surface, the drive end and the tail end are factory preassembled.


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