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  • High speed spin
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Based on the experience gained in the mining and quarrying sector, BaiDec centrifugal separators are the result of a design and production that combines high separation efficiencies and transmission capacity with maximum savings in terms of energy, water and maintenance costs, they are used in sludge dewatering or sludge thickening plants.

The wide range of decanter centrifuges is now used successfully for the volume reduction of biological and non-biological sludge, of both civil and industrial origin.

BaiDec series centrifuge decanter comes in various models with different characteristics depending on the material to be processed. Furthermore Baioni can supply other auxiliary machinery essential for the decanter to operating correctly: control panel with PLC, polymer preparation and dosing systems, evacuation screw conveyor for solid cakes.
Application fields depending on requirements:

  • Clarifying of liquids
  • Dewatering of sludges and suspensions
  • Thickening of sludges
  • Separating 2 or 3-phase mixtures
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