Secondary impact crushers


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  • Excellent cubicity of the crushed
  • Excellent reduction ratio
  • Easy operations for control and maintenance

Designed to handle big feed sizes and high capacity crushing, Baioni MIS secondary impact hammer crushers process a high tonnage of material, provide excellent control over particle shape and size and accept nearly any kind of material.

The impact walls can be of different type and can have different profiles depending on customer’s requirements and kind of materials to be crushed.
Adjustable, they can be approached or moved away from the rotor so as to obtain the desired particle size curve, allowing to keep the finished product constant in time, increasing or decreasing the percentage of fine parts.
Bars are made of wear resistant casting alloy, interchangeable and mounted on adjusting fixing supports. The rotor is mounted on a treated steel shaft, rotating on oversized spherical roller bearings.

The particular locking system of the hammers, which is factory made, ensures the integral rotation of the rotor and of the hammers themselves, avoiding vibrations and induced noise. The hammers can be rotated so you can make the most of their impact surfaces.
Durable construction, accurately welded and bolted where necessary to carry out easily the control and maintenance operations.

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