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Baioni GD grizzly wobbler feeder series has been installed globally over the years and has been proved to be a very successful piece of equipment allowing for the screening and cleaning of sticky and wet materials.

Exclusively designed non clogging and self cleaning elliptical bars it is a sturdy machine suitable for heavy-duty work. Recommended for pre-screening and cleaning of dirty material with a high content of clay and moisture. GD wobbler feeder consists of a frame, onto which some roller-holder shafts are fixed with grease lubricated bearings.

The machine has interchangeable armors in case of wear. The transmission is driven by an electric motor, a reduction gear unit and a series of chains with oil bath lubrication. Grooved rollers are mounted opposite one another to create openings forming a kind of grid for the passage of waste material. The special shape of the rollers on the surface of the machine causes a wave motion allowing the material to clean the rollers.  Thanks to the wave motion, the material is submitted to a pre-screening. The GD wobbler feeder series, thanks to the unique concept design and mode, allow to achieve a sufficiently clean product; output products will be suitable for next crushing stage.

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