How to choose the most suitable crusher for every crushing need

5 October 2021

A crusher for every crushing stage

Baioni designs, manufactures and installs complete crushing machines and plants to ensure the best solution for the customer. Since the aim of the crushing process is to reduce the size of the rocks and re-enter on the market various products such as gaia, sand or mineral is crucial to understand the function of the crusher.

Generally, the range of crushers for aggregates can be divided based on the different stages of crushing: primary, secondary, and tertiary.

But what is the optimal type according to the specific needs?
When thinking about the ideal crusher it is necessary to consider the material to be processed, the ideal size of the product, the operating conditions, and the economic aspects. A difficult choice but simplified by tools and software that operate an effective analysis of capacity-constraints. We mainly distinguish the jaw crushers, rotating, cone crushers that follow the principle of compression and impact that work according to the principle of impact.

Primary crushing: large dimensions
The Baioni BP jaw crusher was one of the first machinery developed for crushing. They operate in the first stage of processing and are used to reduce large materials, then preparing them once reduced to the next stage. These crushers were originally designed to suit any type of quarry, of any mineral although particularly hard and abrasive. Today, the BP range also offers mobile solutions, and high-quality crushers guaranteed by special welding procedures and thermal treatments. We project robust machines with an excellent reduction ratio and high level of production.

Secondary crushing: finishing and optimization
At this stage, cone crushers are generally used. The company offers the FCS range, ideal for secondary and tertiary crushing, both for mobile applications. Although, in some cases the material size is so small that it could be used in the primary phase. Baioni FCS series cone crushers are designed and built for secondary crushing of hard and abrasive rocks, increasing high levels of production while reducing the operating and maintenance costs. The crushing operation is carried out through an oscillating compression; the range is equipped with a unique system by which the bushings rotate around a fixed shaft. The main shaft is reinforced and can bear particularly heavy crushing operations.

Tertiary crushing: recycling of surplus size
At this stage, materials that cannot be used on construction sites are recycled. Baioni designs different types of reversible hammer crushers of type MIL (operation on impact effect of mass and high speed), MIT (to produce high-quality sand), MV 2400 and MIG (can produce sand already calibrated, reduction ratio greater than other mills and control of the maximum size of the material produced).

Baioni machines have a standard that allows you to maintain high efficiency, high quality and continuous innovation up with the times.

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