Urbanization and new crushing challenges

23 September 2021

Urbanization and new crushing challenges

Industrial and urban developments play a key role by influencing working methods and technologies.
Starting from 1900, and even more markedly from the 1950s-60s — following the wars and the economic-industrial boom — the demand of aggregates increased more and more.

In recent years, alternative solutions have been used to meet the demand for excess sand and aggregates, such as the recycling of inert materials as an alternative to the virgin one. In a world where respect for the environment is a collective responsibility, it becomes essential to reduce dust and noise produced by our plants.

Compared to the European context in which urbanization was already underway since the second half of the eighteenth century, Italy in those years was still an agricultural country and far from technological development. For this reason, until 1960 the Baioni company produced agricultural machinery and soil treatments.

Only since 1962, the company left the agricultural sector and started focusing on the construction of plants for the processing of quarry and mine aggregates, a sector that is strongly growing.

In the 70s/80s the internationalization process of the company began around the world, in particular in Africa, Asia and Arab countries; therefore, Baioni encounters opportunities in these countries where the urbanization process had just begun.

Things have changed a lot. Nowdays, more and more areas of the world are urbanizing and more and more technologies are required. In particular, today, the construction sites are located in urban areas for which the processing requires: to be not too noisy and to avoid the emission of dust.

Baioni offers two types of dust control system:


  • Baj Jet Wet System Dust Control is an automatic system developed to reduce dust in quarrying and mining industry. This is the perfect tool for reducing pollution and creating a better working environment. Water and compressed air are added directly to the material to prevent dust emissions.


  • Baioni Dry Dust Control System consists custom-made filters and tubes to ensure high speed in the transport of materials and high wear resistance. Mainly used with large quantities of sand which needs to be removed and stored, especially if sand is for commercial use, the Baioni dry dust control system is the best option.
  • Why?

• Total suppression of dust
• Excellent results
• Optimization of resources

The further trend today is to be increasingly oriented towards the recovery of the material. For this reason, Baioni is investing in the implementation of C&D demolition material recycling plants by designing and manufacturing mobile and fully electric units.

Baioni machines have a standard that allows you to maintain high efficiency, high quality and continuous innovation up with the times.

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