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  • Equipped with internal protections
  • Manganese steel agitator blades
  • Material disintegration

Baioni attrition cells of BaiBac series are designed for scrubbing particles of mineral through an intense washing, scrubbing, polishing and disintegration process of slurry with an high percentage of solids (ideal concentration 70-80%).  This attrition process is used for cleaning raw and residual materials contaminated with absorbed impurities or pullutants, results of project design of soil washing plants.

BaiBac range scrubbers basically consists of one or more tanks inside which takes place the process of stirring/mixing; on top of them is a crankshaft engine which activates the impeller for the mixing/agitation.

Robust, wear-resistant and lowmaintenance construction in steel with easily replaceable wear protection (rubber), manganese steel shafts with rubber covering. Axial turbine impellers in manganese steel with bladed propellers which are mounted on each shaft to provide opposed pumping forces.


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