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  • Recovery of very fine sands
  • Almost total elimination of impurities
  • Internally rubberized cyclone

As part of the sand treatment, the GRF sand recovery unit with hydrocyclone is designed and manufacture for the recovery of fine and very fine particles present in the slurry from environmental remediation plants.
They ensure:

  • recovery of approx. 90% of all sands even the fines (till about 63 microns).
  • almost total elimination of all impurities (silt and clay).
  • moisture in the recovered sand is less than 15% approx.
  • substantial reduction of the solids in the wastewater, which would overload the water treatment plant.

The function of the group with GRF hydrocyclone for sand is to treat the turbid and recover dry sand.

The slurry that flows into the tank is sent to the cyclone where a centrifugal movement carries out the separation by pushing down the solid parts and making the clean water rise to the center. Thus the sand, separated from the water, is then sent to a sieve for a further drying process.


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