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  • Able to remove clayey fraction
  • Adjustable inclination
  • Material advances counter-current

Baioni STC are machines designed and manufacture for the counter-current washing of inert material that has high impurities such as sand, clay or other contaminants (including chemical ones) present in the soils.

The washing cylinder is inclined and adjustable according to the level of water that you want to keep inside the slurry machine. This washing cylinder is supported, on the part for loading the material, by groups of oscillating wheels, while, on the unloading side, it is held by radial and axial bearings. The cylinder is rotated by a pinion-crown system and by a motor-reducer transmission unit.

The material to be washed inside the cylinder advances against the current thanks to a series of spirals, particularly studied, which vigorously mix the material and push it, under continuous jets of water, towards the end of the cylinder.


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