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  • Removes clayey fraction
  • Interchangeable blades
  • Stramazzi regolabili nella testata inferiore

The SP series vane slurryers are designed to remove the clay fraction or other polluting materials that are difficult to dilute and remove by other methods by mixing the inert material with intersecting blades in opposite rotation.

The constructive peculiarity of the transmission is constituted by the fact that the unit is mounted on a support bolted to the tank and can be disassembled from the impellers while remaining completely assembled including also the electric motors. The coupling of the impellers with the upper and lower shafts is obtained by means of bolted flanges with a particular centering system that allows the replacement of the impellers themselves with others of any spare parts with the certainty of perfect centering with respect to the existing shafts. The particular shape of the manganese cast blades allows an energetic crumbling effect of the aggregate inert clods and at the same time a reduced wear of the blades themselves due to the minimum “sliding” effect.

They consist of an inclined tank, in which the material rises pushed by the action of the blades mounted on two synchronized shafts. A shower system introduces the washing water into the tank creating a current with the opposite direction to the motion of the material: the evacuation of the water together with most of the pollutants takes place through special adjustable weirs in the lower head of the tank.


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