Washing trommels and deslimers green


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  • Covered in interchangeable armor
  • Simple maintenance
  • Choice of one or more particle size fractions

The SP series vane slurry machine is an ideal machine for washing difficult and particularly dirty materials containing hard insoluble clays, conglomerates, cemented aggregates containing clay. It is able to remove the clayey fraction that is difficult to dilute and can be removed with other methods. The removal process takes place by mixing the inert material with intersecting blades in opposite rotation, mounted on two synchronized shafts inside the tank. These blades subject the material to an intensive action of friction and abrasion, they are able to break up and dissolve all impurities with water.

A shower system introduces the washing water into the tank creating a current in the opposite direction to the movement of the material; flowing in countercurrent, due to the inclination of the tank, there is a further rinsing of the material. The evacuation of the water together with silt, clay and other impurities takes place through special adjustable weirs in the lower head of the tank.

The mixing blades in special steel increase the disintegration capacity, ensure optimal de-muding, extend the life of the parts subject to wear, as well as help reduce costs.


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