How to invest in the optimal crushing process

25 August 2021

The crushing and its stages

The starting question for the optimal management of the quarry is:

How many machines do I need for my plant? And, how many stages will it consist of?

Choosing the right number of steps will result in optimization and efficiency in terms of costs and wear.

Generally the crushing process is characterized by two or three phases. The choice depends on some factors:

  • The type and size of the crushed rock: some types of rock can be worked in two phases, others harder require a three-phase processing;


  • Desired size of the final product. It is important to check the maximum feed size of the primary crusher and compare it with the desired final product size. As a principle, a reduction ratio of 3 is generally considered to be the maximum of any jaw or cone crusher. If the ratio of the raw material to the size of the final product is 16: 1, a primary and secondary machine are required. If the ratio were, say 20: 1, you would need a primary, secondary and tertiary crusher.


  • Desired quality. If you want to obtain a quality result, it is good to evaluate the situation and not think that the purchase of an extra machine can affect costs. If the process requires it, this initial investment becomes necessary to avoid subsequent wear.

What are the benefits of the 3-step process? The three-stage crushing allows the primary jaw crusher to operate at a wider setting, accepting larger feed material, which in turn increases the life of the wearing parts and reduces operating costs considering that the cost of wear per ton crushed is greater. With three crushers, the settings can also be adjusted and fine-tuned more easily than with two-stage crushing, which makes it easier to make finer end products.

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