Inclined vibrating screens


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  • Very robust and compact design
  • Accurate regulation of the vibration intensity
  • Highest screening efficiency

Very robust and compact design, V (one shaft) and VV (double shaft) series vibrating screens proved to be a very reliable piece of equipment for sizing and washing of aggregates. If necessary, a washing system with spray sprinklers may be installed. Suited for fine or coarse classification of any type of material and for a wide range of productions. The vibrating screens consist of a screen deck casing supported by springs, equipped with a shaft rotating on main bearing supports whose axis passes through the barycentre of the casing. V-VV screens are also defined “free vibrating screens”, as the shaft is driven by a patented system, consisting of “vibration generators” fitted at the top of the shaft itself.

They are equipped with an internal mechanism through which a mass, urged by a centrifugal force generated by the rotation, moves freely from the center towards the periphery. The displacement of this mass creates a “variable eccentric” which, during the start-up (acceleration), put the casing in motion and, during the stop (braking), slows down the movement without generating unwanted vibrations.

This system allows to obtain high performance with an excellent selection of quality aggregates. – wide and accurate regulation of the vibration intensity; – constant belt tension through an automatic regulation system of the pulley. – high production with an excellent selection quality of the aggregates.

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