Inclined counterflow washing trommels


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  • Able to remove clayey fraction
  • Adjustable inclination
  • Material advances against the current

Baioni STC inclined counterflow washing trommel is designed and manufactured for the washing of coarse material, clay contaminants and other deleterious materials. Ideal machine for scrubbing difficult materials such as tough insoluble clays, ball clays, conglomerates, cemented aggregates containing clay.

The machine is capable of removing the clayey fraction that is difficult to dilute and removable with other methods, it is composed of a washing cylinder (adjustable inclination) which rests, in the loading section, on a rubber tyre support, while in the discharge section, it is supported by radial and axial bearings.

The transmission is carried out through a pinion-crown system and a unit engines/gearboxes.
A water shower system feds the washing water into the cylindrical drum creating a flow having an opposite direction to the motion of the material. The material is advanced inside a screw feeder; thanks to a series of spirals and constant water jets, it is energetically washed, mixed and moved forward towards the end section of the cylinder. Once passed over the water level, the material is drained and evacuates.


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