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  • Easily replaceable wear amours
  • Wear-resistant material
  • Heavy duty steel skid

Baioni ST counterflow washing trommel is designed and manufactured for the washing of coarse material, clay contaminants and other deleterious materials from a wide variety of hard rock, gravel and ore.

The machine consists of a washing cylindrical drum which rests on a rubber tire support and a motor unit-planetary reducer capable of causing rotating movement in the opposite direction of the water. Drum consists of thick metal sheet with wear-resistant materials and internal paddle blades and draining buckets, all mounted on heavy duty steel skid according to customers’ needs. The continuous lifting and dropping action combined with water helps to abrade, scrub and break down soluble contaminants.

In the first section of the chamber the material is subject to a first washing, during which it is energetically mixed and advanced by adjustable paddle blades to the buckets. At the end of this section, the buckets, with a perforated plate bottom, collect the washed out material and take it to the second section of the chamber, where it is further washed and rinsed with plenty of clean water. Other buckets take the material to the discharge chute. The whole cylindrical drum is internally equipped with easily replaceable wear amours/rubber. The machine can be equipped with cylinders for one or more particle size fractions and with a draining s screen to dehydrate the organic fraction coming out with the water flow.

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