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Il lavaggio e recupero dei materiali fini è un processo fondamentale in qualsiasi forma di lavorazione di suoli e sedimenti marino/fluviali.

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The washing and recovery of fine materials is a fundamental process in any form of marine / river soil and sediment processing.

Alimentación y pre-cribado Baioni blanco y negro
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1st stage
feeding & pre-screening
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2nd stage
Screening & sizing Baioni black and white
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3rd stage
screening & sizing
Lavaggio e recupero Baioni environment
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4th stage
washing & classifying
Transporte y almacenaje Baioni blanco y negro
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final stage
transport & storing
Our products
Attrition cells BAIBAC Baioni
Baioni attrition cells of BaiBac series are designed for scrubbing particles of mineral through an intense washing, scrubbing, polishing and disintegration process of slurry with an high percentage of solids (ideal concentration 70-80%). 
Dewatering screens VO
The VO series dewatering/draining screens are mainly used to dry sandy or very fine material, and are mainly installed on fines recovery units with hydrocyclone (GRF).
Rotating washing screens VLR
The VLR series rotary washing screens are robust machines that are also used in the subsequent washing phase, both to clean sand and gravel in the case of crushing, and to clean up contaminants in the case of environmental treatments.
Log washers Baioni SP
The SP series vane slurryers are designed to remove the clay fraction or other polluting materials that are difficult to dilute and remove by other methods by mixing the inert material with intersecting blades in opposite rotation.
Inclined counterflow washing trommels STC Baioni
The STC series drum muders are machines designed and built for the counter-current washing of inert material that has high impurities such as sand, clay or other contaminants (including chemical ones) present in the soils; for this reason they lend themselves considerably to environmental treatments.
Washing trommels and deslimers ST
The SP series vane slurry machine is an ideal machine for washing difficult and particularly dirty materials containing hard insoluble clays, conglomerates, cemented aggregates containing clay. It is able to remove the clayey fraction that is difficult to dilute and can be removed with other methods.