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Sweeping waste treatment plants

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Avoid the total disposal of waste in landfills? Baioni has what he does for you. The company offers plants for the treatment of street sweeping waste and for various surfaces. These systems are aimed at all companies wishing to increase the percentage of their separate collection.

Ideal for

Waste from roads

Waste from industrial surfaces

Waste from road drains

Our plants

The input materials are generally:
• Urban and extra-urban street sweeping waste
• Residues from industrial surface sweeping
•Agglomerates for the drainage of road drains
• Various types of cleaning and sweeping waste

The output material can be different:
• Sand (raw material for civil or industrial applications)
• Gravel (reusable as secondary raw material for civil or industrial applications)
• Metals (attributable to the recovery cycle in metallurgical plants)
• Mixed waste (to be released in landfills)
• Light organic (recyclable in dedicated and authorized plants)
• Dehydrated sludge (to be released in landfills)

Sweeping waste collection
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1st stage
Sweeping waste collection
Washing & classifying Baioni
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2nd stage
Screening & sizing Baioni
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3rd stage
sizing & screening
processing of polluting materials
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4th stage
Processing of polluting materials
Transport & storing Baioni green
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stadio finale
Recovery of useful materials
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Screening & sizing

Washing & classifying

Water clarification

Sludge management