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  • Single motor version
  • Version with two motors
  • Rental formula

The particularly compact design allows for convenient transport with minimum bulk and maximum performance throughout the process. Therefore, the BaiPod system proves to be easily transportable and particularly suitable for coping with short periods of overload, for seasonal work, for coverage during maintenance work or recovery of emergencies due to failures. For these reasons, the rental formula is extremely advantageous.

Much more than a mobile decanter. The customer has in fact available a sludge dewatering plant with all the necessary components


• BAIDEC decanter centrifuge
• Flowmeters
• Polyelectrolyte preparation tank
• Rollers for loading / unloading
• Control panel with PLC
• Sludge extraction screw
• Mud pump
• Polyelectrolyte pump

Ideal for
This machine is suitable for treating sludges from mineral processes, agro-food, oil refining, animal proteins and fats, recycling, chemicals, pharmaceuticals. It is then widely used in environmental soil remediation treatments.


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