Archimedan screws for sand recovery


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The archimedean screw for sand recovery, RC series, is a machine able to solve the problem of sand recovery and rinsing. They are part of the range of machines for washing aggregates and for the recovery of fine sand; the auger is made of steel.

The machine is made up of a moulded tub with a 15° inclination, the inside of which is equipped with an archimedean screw driven into rotation by a gear motor unit. The material gets into the tub from a distributor; the solid material deposits on the bottom and is carried away by the Archimedean screw while water together with the finest parts, remaining in suspension, exits from small overflow outlets arranged inside the machine.

The archimedean screw is steel-made and it is equipped with special anti-wear interchangeable steel elements for the most abrasive materials.


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